Q: How do I get to your location?

A: Visit our "showroom" page for directions to our new shop! You can do that by clicking here!


Q: Where do I park?

A: We have a few spots in our parking lot, west of our building as well as ample street parking along SE 16th, just a half block west of our shop!


Q: Where do you get all this stuff?

A: The finds at Old Portland come from a variety of sources.  People bring them to us, we hunt items down, people invite us to their locations, and sometimes we travel across the country. The best finds are serendipitous.  Most of our selection comes from the Portland area, but we also have treasures from all across the country. Local acquisitions come from auctions, estates, and folks just bringing in items to sell.


Q: Do you buy items from the general public?

A: Yes! Purchasing decisions are based on the classic model of supply and demand. We are always looking for unique, unusual items and basic old house hardware and architectural elements. It is always a good idea to send us photos of what you would like to sell (send to: oldportlandhardware@gmail.com). This way we can give you an idea of what we'd be able to purchase and a ballpark idea of what we'd be able to offer. If you have a large quantity of items, please call for an appointment before lugging your items in; we might even be able to come to you. We buy between 10:00am-5:00pm Tuesday through Saturday. A helpful hint: resist the urge to overly filter the items you bring to us.  We have a unique vision of what old items can become, and we often find what we're looking for in the items you may not consider valuable.  We don't buy everything.  If we aren't interested, chances are we can point you in the right direction to other buyers in town.  Please call if you have questions. Valid ID is required for selling.


Q: Do you have set buying hours?

A: In general, yes. Tuesday through Saturday 10am-4pm. It is a good idea to call ahead to make sure the buyer is in.


Q: Do you have an online store?

A: Given the unique nature of our items and our high turnover, it is difficult to keep a website up-to-date. We are a small business with an ever-changing, unique inventory. Besides, nothing compares to the experience of visiting our store in-person. We suggest you visit the store frequently, as new items are constantly being added.


Q: I really like some of the old windows that you sell, but my house already has plenty of windows. Is there something else I can do with them?

A: Yes! There are a variety of ways to use old windows in new applications.  They can be used trimmed into interior walls between rooms, as cabinet doors, and as picture frames.  Leaded and beveled windows can be hung in front of existing windows and will catch the sunlight and cast rainbows.  Old style windows can be installed layered with an insulated windows, retaining optimal energy efficiency.


Q: Is it possible to use antique door hardware on a new door?

A: Yes! It all hinges on purchasing a replacement tube latch that is adapted to old hardware. Learn more by reading this article in NW Renovation magazine.


Q: Do you rewire lights?

A: No, we do not provide rewiring service at the store. We recommend GKA Lighting, a U.L. approved lighting business with a reputation for excellent work.


Q: How many items in the store are reproductions?

A: Very few.  We carry reproduction exposed filament light bulbs, plus some replacement parts for old door hardware.  Most of the lighting fixtures we sell are rewired to meet current electrical standards. Other than that, the items we sell are old or have been constructed from old pieces into new creations.