Antique and vintage architectural pieces are time travelers.

Here at Old Portland H&A, we have a deep passion for things that have been made with care. We believe old things are old for a reason.  The characteristics of pieces that survive a society of "throw away and get a new one" can often speak for themselves. The item may be beautiful, well-designed, made by hand, very useful, or a wonderful combination of all of the above.

The durability and beauty of many pieces manufactured before WWII (pre 1940's) were INTENTIONALLY made to last.  If they have survived until now, chances are they will continue to survive (...and be beautiful, well-made and useful). In many cases, they will outlive their replacements that are being manufactured today.

A Note: Buying new?  Please shop intentionally.  When walking through a big box or department store, how many of the items you see around you will still be around fifty (or even ten) years from now?  Buy well-made, repairable products that will stand the test of time. When possible, choose U.S. made products from independent retailers. We believe it's good for our community, economy, and our environment.