OPH&A has a small, but dedicated cast of characters!


When Bret was a kid, he REALLY wanted to be an archaeologist.  There was just something awe-inspiring about  investigating mysteries from the past and unlocking their secrets! It's over 30 years later and Bret, while not technically an archaeologist, is living the dream. Almost every day he is struck by awe and wonder over something he has never seen before, whether it is an unusual, rusty wingnut or a cut-crystal window reflecting rainbows across the room.  Bret is a native Oregonian and is very knowledgeable about Oregon's architectural styles.



Tyler was raised by antique lovers and spent much of his childhood in antique stores or working on old houses in his home town of Oregon City. After college, Tyler found himself back in the vintage business mastering knowledge of all things antique plumbing. Tyler joined the Old Portland Hardware team in an attempt to further his knowledge about all things antique. Stopping by the shop you will likely find him marching across the shop on a mission to restore some bit of history or other, likely wearing a vintage tie and a smile.



Anne is originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan where her extended family owned a feed mill and hardware store.  She has called Portland home for over 20 years.  Previously she worked in a chain hardware store in the Portland area.  She loves old "odd" stuff which makes Old Portland Hardware way more her style!  She is a member of the Corvidae Belly Dance Troop.



Fred has been knee-deep in old house projects for as long as he can remember. Growing up, his mother was an antiques dealer and he was raised in an 1800's Victorian.  He lives in a beautiful 1892 Victorian house with his wife Lucy and dog Barlow.  Fred has been maintaining old houses for the past forty years and been in the "old stuff" business for the last fifteen.  When asked what keeps him in the business, Fred says, "I never tire of rediscovering the integrity and craftsmanship that was involved in creating much of the 'old stuff'." 


Head photo by Art of Living on the Road
Profile photos (wet plate tintypes) by Giles Clement