1963 PDQ A8 step van

Made by: White Motor Co.

Vintage step vans are hard to find. Finding a vintage step van that is clean and ready to drive is nearly impossible! Now is your chance to have the cutest step van on the block.

We are selling "Lucky", a 1963 PDQ (Pick up-Delivery-Quick) A8 step van made by the White Motor Co. of Cleveland, Ohio.

Lucky's unique look and petite size make for a great, attention getting, marketing vehicle. Driving down the street in this definitely turns a few heads!

PDQ step vans are a rare breed. They were only made from 1960 to 1965. That said, parts, should you need them, are fairly easy to find. Powered by a Chrysler 225 Slant Six, this trusty little step van will haul almost anything you can fit in the back!